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Is it scary?

Yes! Yes! The attractions are scary! That is why we are here to scare you!!! We spend a lot of time and work, just to scare you!

What is the difference between: The Haunted Field of Screams & Dead Man’s Night Maze?

The Haunted Field of Screams is not a maze, but is a visual interactive haunt located in the corn field on a designated pathway. It is our main attraction!! As you follow the designated pathway through the corn field you will be encountered by several unique themed haunted house areas, you must pass through these areas to complete the attraction. This is a visual interactive attraction.

The Dead Man’s Night Maze IS a “haunted” maze in our corn field. As you make your way into the “haunted” maze you must pick the correct pathways in order to find your way out while being scared. Neither attraction is recommended for children.


Sorry there are no refunds for any reason! This also includes weather, field conditions, scare factor, line waiting, and children ticket purchases. We do not recommend these attractions for children. If you bring your child and purchase them a ticket, and they are too scared to go through we will not issue a refund, under any circumstances! If you purchase tickets, we want you to be scared… and you may use them anytime we are open.

However, if you are too scared to make it through, you have gotten what you paid for.

Payment Options?

We sell tickets online and at the gate. We accept cash, & major credit cards. No checks are accepted.

Online Tickets?

All online tickets can be redeemed at each attraction entrance/line. Don’t worry you don’t have to stand in line at the ticket booth, just go straight to the attraction line you have purchased. All online tickets will be scanned for authenticity. If you purchased a Triple/Double Scare, please visit the attractions in the following order: 1st Zombie Paintball Massacre, 2nd Dead Man’s Night Maze and finally The Haunted Field of Screams. We ask that you do them in this order as this is the order that the attractions will close.


We offer a variety of discount coupons. Each coupon has some restrictions so please read them carefully. Sorry, there are no age discounts for young or old, and there are no discounts on package admission as they are already discounted, and we do not offer any discounts on VIP tickets.


Parking is free and is located on site. We are in a dirt field so conditions may be muddy. Please enter at your own risk.

Weather & Conditions Policy?

We never want to be closed for any reason, but we are located outside in a dirt field, with a dirt parking lot. If it’s raining/snowing or if it has rained/snowed we can only be open as permitted. If you are traveling from a distance to see us, please check our website for daily updates or delays.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for instant weather closure information. We are not responsible for the weather or field conditions, and open dates and times will vary.


This attraction is not recommended for children, because of the scare factor and atmosphere. But because people do purchase tickets for their children, please make your best judgment call as there are no refunds. Some children go through fine, while others don’t make it past the line or even the gate. All sales are final. All children 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Handicap Accessible?

The Dead Man’s Night Maze is the attraction that is handicap accessible. Unfortunately The Haunted Field of Screams is not. Please note that attractions are outside, so pathways and areas can be muddy or somewhat difficult to go through!

Health Restrictions?

All participants are entering at their own risk. If you suffer from any medical conditions (or the following conditions, but not limited to these specific conditions), you should not enter; anxiety attacks, heart problems, asthma problems, any kind of breathing problems, or if you are pregnant.

Lost or stolen items?

Please do not bring items of value into the attractions. If items are lost, we unfortunately cannot stop the attraction to search for them. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  We recommend that you keep your cell phone & keys in a very secure location. Cell phones and keys are the most commonly lost items, and usually are never found! If you have lost an item, please leave your info with the ticket booth and any lost items will be searched for the following day.

Denied Access?

We do not want to ask you to leave or escort you off the site. However, it is our right to deny anyone access to either attraction if they have not followed the rules or policies. Here are just a few things that will get you denied access to the attractions: Alcohol, drugs, smoking in “no smoking” areas, weapons, fighting, obscene behavior, argument with staff or other patrons, etc…. Additionally, alcohol is not permitted on the property, under any circumstances and will be confiscated.

Security and Police?

We do have a full staff of security on site as well as Thornton Police.


No pictures of the actors, cameras, video cameras, flashlights are permitted. The actors will not touch you, but it is their job to scare, annoy, harass, and bother you! All customers are not allowed to touch the actors either!! Keep in mind on both parties, accidental contact may occur.


We do offer group rates on Thursday and Sunday nights. You must have 20 people or more, and have a confirmed reservation 48 hours in advance. To book a group, please visit our groups page.

VIP Ticket & Instant Access Admission?

We do offer a “VIP Ticket” & a “Instant Access” Admission.  When you purchase a “VIP Ticket” it will allow you to bypass the general admission line.  While for the most part there is “no line wait” in VIP, there a some occasions that you may have to wait to enter. If you purchase the “Instant Access” admission, you will bypass all waits and enter with staff on the next ride or entry.


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