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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it scary?

Yes! That’s what we’re here to do – scare you.

If you get too scared, stay calm and tell the nearest actor. They will escort you out of the haunt. Please note, like sporting events and large attractions, we do not give refunds under any circumstances.

What is included in a Haunted Field of Screams scream park ticket purchase?

The Haunted Field of Screams is a 40-acre scream park offering four contrasting interactive haunt attractions for one ticket price.

A Haunted Field of Screams ticket includes a single (1) admission to all four haunted attractions – Condemned, Zombie Paintball Massacre, Dead Mans Maze and CarnEvil in the Corn. Tickets are valid for any night of the 2019 haunt season (check schedule for open dates).

Please be aware, the Haunted Field of Screams offers four separate haunt attractions, each with its own individual entrance. Line times will vary for each haunt. Any unused admissions may be used at a later date with your valid ticket.

Can we go through the haunts again?

No. However, you can purchase another ticket if you would like to go through the haunts again.

Are group rates available?

Group rates are available on Thursday and Sundays for groups of 15 or more. Email [email protected] for details.


The Haunted Field of Screams does not offer refunds. We do not offer refunds due to scare factor, weather, field conditions or line wait. Any unused admissions may be used at a later date with your valid ticket.

The Haunted Field of Screams is not recommended for children. Purchasing a ticket for a child will be at your own risk with no refund.

If the site must close due to weather or field conditions, any unused admissions may be used at a later date with your valid ticket.

Payment Options?

Haunted Field of Screams tickets are sold online and at the gate. We accept cash & major credit cards. No checks are accepted.

Online Tickets?

If you purchase Haunted Field of Screams tickets online, go straight to the attractions. Your tickets will be redeemed at the entrance of each attraction.


Check our social media pages for coupons & specials!


Parking is free and located onsite. We are in a dirt field so conditions may be muddy. Please enter at your own risk.

Weather & Field Condition Policy?

The Haunted Field of Screams is an outdoor venue. It can be closed due to weather or field conditions including rain, snow, wind, muddy fields, etc. In the rare instance inclement weather begins while the Haunted Field of Screams is open, we may be forced to close suddenly for the safety of our customers and employees. Weather and closure updates will be posted on the Haunted Field of Screams Facebook and our website homepage.

If you are traveling from a distance to see us, please check weather conditions and plan accordingly.

We are not responsible for any inclement weather or muddy field conditions.


Costumes are allowed as long as they do not cover the patron’s face via mask, face paint or prosthetic makeup. Any props that may represent weapons, or could be used as a weapon are not allowed onsite. The Haunted Field of Screams reserves the right to ask patrons to remove all or portions of costumes that do not follow our policy. If at any point we feel our policy is not followed, the costume/prop/mask will be confiscated and the patron will be asked to leave immediately.

What is Pitch Dark?

Pitch Dark: A Ride to the Riverdale Gates of Hell is the Haunted Field of Screams’ special blackout event.

Pitch Dark takes you through all-new, uncharted territory with solely a glow stick as your guide for an intense outdoor haunt and hayride experience never before seen or heard at the Haunted Field of Screams.

Is my HFOS scream park ticket valid for Pitch Dark?

No, the Haunted Field of Screams scream park is closed during Pitch Dark. A Pitch Dark is required for entry to the special blackout event.

How long are line waits?

It depends. During our September hours, the wait is usually very short. The beginning of October, there is typically a minimal wait. As it gets closer to Halloween, specifically on a Friday or Saturday night, the wait can be long. The closer you come to opening time (7:00 p.m.) the shorter the wait. We do offer a VIP Fast Pass that offers a shorter wait and an Instant Access pass that has no wait.


The Haunted Field of Screams is not recommended for children due to scare factor and atmosphere. Please note, if you do purchase a ticket for a child, there will be no refunds. All children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Handicap Accessible?

The Haunted Field of Screams attractions are not handicap accessible as they are outside and pathways can be muddy and offer rough terrain. If you have a specific question about accessibility, please feel free to email us directly.

Health Restrictions?

All participants are entering at their own risk. If you suffer from the following conditions, but not limited to: anxiety attacks, heart problems, asthma problems, any kind of breathing problems, or if you are pregnant, you should not enter.

Lost or stolen items?

Please do not bring items of value into the attractions. If items are lost, we unfortunately cannot stop the attraction to search for them. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  We recommend that you keep your cell phone & keys in a very secure location. Cell phones and keys are the most commonly lost items, and usually are never found. If you have lost an item, please leave your info with the ticket booth and any lost items will be searched for the following day.

Denied Access?

The Haunted Field of Screams has the right to deny anyone access to any attraction if they have not followed the rules or policies. The following is not permitted: drugs, smoking in “no smoking” areas, weapons, fighting, obscene behavior, argument with staff or other patrons, etc. Additionally, outside alcohol is not permitted on the property under any circumstances and will be confiscated.

Security and Police?

The Haunted Field of Screams has onsite security and Thornton Police onsite at all times.

Actor rules?

No pictures or videos of actors are permitted. Cell phones and flashlights are not permitted within the attractions.

The actors will not touch you.  Incidental and unintentional contact may occur.

VIP & Instant Access Admission?

The Haunted Field of Screams offer VIP Fast Pass and Instant Access ticket upgrades. VIP Fast Pass allows you to by-pass the general admission line. Instant Access provides a zero line wait to each attraction.


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